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Bangladesh Lamps Limited is the pre-eminent manufacturer of electric light bulbs in the country. The company has an exclusive licensing agreement with PHILIPS Electronics N.V. Holland, under which it manufacturers PHILIPS lighting products. BLL was incorporated in 1960 as a subsidiary of PHILIPS, Holland. In March 1993, PHILIPS sold its entire shares to TRANSCOM.

The primary purpose of BLL is to produce and serve Philips GLS lamps (Classictone, Softtone and Anti-Insect types) & Transtec CFL and GLS lamps (Clear & Lustre types) around the country which are marketed and sold under the governance of Transcom Electronics Ltd (TEL) as lightening distribution and sales projects. Due to the necessity of cost effective electricity the TFL tech bulbs are populated and distributed more and more everyday around the country, BLL became one of the leading TFL bulb production houses.

Brief History

  • In early 1961 East Pakistan Lamps Limited (DACCA) prepared to establish General Lamps System (GLS) production plant of Philips General Lamps System (GLS) under the 100% ownership of Philips Pakistan
  • First belt of the Philips GLS officially stated its production on 24th April, 1962 where Mr. V. Rucho was the first factory manager. During that time Philips GLS were produced 8000 pcs per day
  • After the Liberation the East Pakistan Lamps Limited turned in to Bangladesh Lamps Limited under the supervision of Philips Holland. Now in the top management bodies Mr. Latifur Rahman as Managing Director, Mr Habibur Rahman Mollah and Mr. Arshad Haq are as Chief Operation Officer functionally operated the entire process of the business
  • In 1976, to increase the1st belt Philips GLS production capacity the double shift production system introduced
  • Enhancing the manufacturing capacity of Philips GLS, BLL introduced another production belt in 1982
  • In 1986, BLL increased the manufacturing capacity by launching 3rd belt for Philips GLS production
  • In 1993, Transcom Electronics Limited (TEL) takeover 100% distributionship form BLL under the Philips Holland consideration
  • Under the ownership of TEL, 4th production Belt begun their manufacturing of Philips GLS
  • BLL was finally expanded in 6th March 1999

BLL Today

  • Beside Philips GLS production, Transtec CFL is being produced at BLL and captured substantial market share through its product superiority at the end of 2007. It has a wide wattage range, classified in Premium and Classic category with pin and screw type holders like: 8W, 11W, 15W, 23W, 26W, 30W
  • BLL has already established Florescent Tube Light (FTL) production plant with contemporary high-tech machineries and going to start full fledged FTL manufacturing in middle of May 2011
  • Currently about 400 skilled workers are there who are directly involved with Transtec lighting and Philips GLS production process

In 2002 Transtec has officially come into the world of lighting business with tube lights and started marketing lighting products nationwide. In 2003 Trasntec GLS was introduced in the market. At that time Transtec GLS was available only up to 100 W clear but gradually it started producing GLS lamp in BLL with various wattage range. Now, Transtec GLS is available in 25W clear, 40W clear, 60W clear, 100W clear, 200W clear and Luster clear, Luster Blue, Luster Green, Luster Red, Luster Yellow. All the wattage ranges ensure 1000 hrs (min) lifetime. High Quality Filament delivers proper wattage & brighter light and Fuse wire ensures safety of the system. Transtec Tube Light was available since 2002 in the market with 18 W and 36 W product range .To make a brighter light, Phosphor coating & Argon gas is used. The quantity of hazardous substance (e.g. mercury) in the tube light is controlled, so it is more environments friendly. Transtec Starter were in the market in 2003.

In 2005 TEL has added a new product range in lighting portfolio as Transtec CFL (Compact Florescent lamp). After initial years of import, since the end of 2007 Transtec CFL is being produced at BLL and captured substantial market share through its product superiority. It has a wide wattage range, classified in Premium and Classic category with pin and screw type holders like: 8W, 11W, 15W, 23W, 26W, 30W. Considering the consumer benefit the product has been developed to illuminate even at low voltage as 110 volts. It has built in short circuit & over voltage protection feature & 8000 hrs (min) lifetime. Since 2005 TEL is also into the business of tube light ballast with Transtec Magnetic Ballast which gradually converted into Transtec Electronic Ballast and started its own ballast production at Bangladesh Electrical Industries Ltd (BEIL) in 2009. Having high power factor (0.9), Transtec Electronic Ballast saves 30% of electrical energy. It can switch on the tube light at low voltage (even at 50 volts) and keeps the light output constant even at voltage fluctuation.TEL also has a strong and experienced project team handling PHILIPS professional lighting projects. Currently there are about 17,000 electrical outlets and 90,000 grocery outlets covered under the network.

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Voltage Range: 170-250V
  • Lifetime: 8000 Hrs
  • Saves 80% of electricity
  • Ensures finest and bright light
  • Built-in over voltage and short circuit problem resistivity
  • Available on 8W, 11W, 15W, 23W, 26W and 30W in Warm white, Cool white and Cool Day Light categories with Pin and Screw type

Transtec HPF CFL is country’s first Eco Friendly CFL which intends to save energy as well as reduce environment pollution (as the usage of coal, gas & oil to produce energy will be less). But still we are producing at least 45% additional energy for low power factor CFL which is wasted as reactive power thus the focus on energy saving is deviated. For Transtec HPF CFL the requirement of energy is at least 80% (or even more) lesser than it would be for an equivalent bulb (we consider 23W HPF CFL =100W bulb). So it significantly reduces the usage of natural resources to produce energy. The emission of CO2 & Mercury from power generation plant will be really low to ensure a real green environment.

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Gives 10-15% brighter light
  • Lamplife: 10000 Hrs (minimum)
  • Capable to preserve 80% of its' brightness even after 2000 hours (according to IEC standards)
  • Saves 80% of electricity as well as a major portion of electronic system loss
  • Capability to convert 90% of energy to light makes it 90% energy efficient (country's highest energy efficient bulb)
  • Available on 8W, 11W, 15W, 23W, 26W and 30W in Warm white and Cool Day Light categories with Pin and Screw type
True Energy Saver:

The concept is that CFL saves up to 80% on energy compared to incandescent lamp (bulb). But 80% of energy saving can only be secured with High Power Factor (HPF) CFL (power factor>0.90). With ordinary CFL available in the market (power factor<0.55) the power consumed by the consumer (and billed by the utility company as well) is obviously around 80% less than what it would be for bulb, but the utility company has to supply additional 45% power for these low power factor CFL which can’t be charged rather being wasted in the distribution system. Transtec HPF CFL has power factor> 0.90 which means it really draws 80% less power from the distribution system & ultimately saves energy both for the consumer & utility system. To give an example the calculation of an ordinary 23W CFL (with power factor < 0.55) the current drawn from the system is: 23W/0.55= 42VA but for Transtec 23W HPF CFL the VA will be 23W/0.9= 25VA. The utility has to supply 42VA electricity to power the 23W low power factor CFL. The unused 19VA is known as reactive power, and cannot be used by any other appliance.The graph shows the comparison of VA drawn from the system by a 100W GLS, a 23W low power factor CFL & a Transtec 23W High power factor CFL and also a 60W GLS, a 15W low power factor CFL & Transtec 15W High Power Factor CFL.Thus we can conclude that with a Transtec HPF CFL the energy saving is truly 80% compared to incandescent lamp while with similar watt ordinary CFLs the energy saving is around 50% (against their claim).

90% Energy Efficient:

In case of incandescent lamp (bulb) only 10% of the energy consumed is converted to light, while the rest 90% is wasted as heat. Ordinary CFLs (power factor<00.55) converts 55% of the power drawn from the system as light while the remaining 45% is wasted as reactive power and takes a toll on the infrastructure of the distribution system- overheating the transformers, cables, motors, premature aging of capacitors and interference with telecom systems, this results to breakdown. Transtec HPF CFL is at least 90% energy efficient (highest in the country), as it converts 90% energy drawn from the system into light. The graph shows the detail. Longer life: An incandescent bulb has average rated life of 1,000 hrs compared to the average rated life of a LPF CFL of 8,000 hrs, while Transtec HPF CFL has an average life of 10,000 hrs.

  • GLS (Clear) bulbs are available on 25W, 40W, 60W, 100W and 200W
  • GLS (Lustre) bulbs are available on Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Water colors
  • Lifetime: 1000 Hours
  • Made of best quality filament
  • Best quality filament ensures correct wattage and brighter light
  • Uses fuse-wire for complete safety

Transtec Halogen Lamp is a newly evolved energy saving lighting solution. It's a new range of lamp which offers the versatility of the traditional halogen lamps with advantages of energy saving. With twice lamp life and pure bright light Trastec halogen lamps are the ideal alternative to incandescent lamps. Same familiar light bulb shape, brighter light output yet at less expense! Transtec halogen lamps are fully dimmable and give 100% light output instantly. 30% energy saving with twice the product life minimizes your lamp replacement and electricity costs. A 42W Transtec halogen lamp gives 650 lumen output (15.3 lumen/watt) which is equal or even higher than a 60W incandescent bulb (11.8 lumen/watt). Thus a Transtec halogen lamp consumes 30% less power ((60-42)/60 x 100%) than a 60W incandescent bulb for same light output. The same comparison phenomenon is also applicable between a 70W halogen lamp and a 100W incandescent bulb.

  • Gives equal lumen output of ordinary Incandescent lamp at 30% less energy
  • Expected lifetime: 2000 hrs (twice of ordinary Incandescent lamp)
  • Can be used with light dimmer
  • Lower CO2 Emission
  • Gives 100% light output instantly
  • Lasts 2 times longer than general bulbs
  • No Mercury content

  • Rating: 220-240V, T8x1, 36W
  • Can operate with actual rated Watt (At stable condition, provide >= 32W at rated voltage)
  • Low voltage starting (able to drive STL even in 110V)
  • Very wide range of working voltage (150-300V)
  • Higher life time, more than 10000 Hrs
  • Flicker free starting and Noise less operation
  • Free from Magnetic Interference and Stroboscopic Effect
  • High Power Factor
  • Low Harmonic Distortion, Internal Power Loss, Heat generation and Ambient temperature
  • Save 30% Energy if Compared with Conventional Magnetic Ballast
  • Very easy method of wiring/Tube connection
  • Light in weight and Smart Outlook

  • Available on 18W and 36W
  • The product is produced at in-house tube-light plant by using advanced technology machines from England
  • Superior quality Halo Phosphor from Japan & Triple coil ensures brighter light
  • It is the first fluorescent tube light with anode ring produced in Bangladesh which extends the lamp life

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