Symbol of Ethics

Recognized globally for his ethical values, coupled with business excellence.





Never compromise on ethical business practices and the quality we provide to our customers. It’s the trust we’re trading.” - Founder Chairman, Latifur Rahman

Ethical business practices were woven into the fabric of everything Transcom does by our Founder Chairman. We practice transparency and integrity in everything we do. Our Founder Chairman was awarded the Oslo Business for Peace Award in 2012 for this very reason.


The clear direction and aim for every Transcom company is to be No. 1 in its industry.” - Founder Chairman, Latifur Rahman

Every Transcom subsidiary was formed with the unrelenting drive to be dominant in its industry. The clear direction from our Founder Chairman was never to be just a competitor, but to be a formidable player in each industry.


If I did what my father did, I would not have built Transcom. Don’t stick to what’s been done, keep evolving.” - Founder Chairman, Latifur Rahman

Transcom evolved from a trading company in the 70s to a manufacturing powerhouse today with interests from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals. With the Group CEO’s vision statement, Transcom will continue to evolve its presence in the new arenas going forward.

Our Founder Chairman said to our Group CEO many years ago, that if he did exactly what his father did, then Transcom would not be where it is today. He encouraged her to think differently, and to evolve the business to succeed, whilst always remaining grounded in Transcom’s core values.